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Out Of This Frame
new album

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Out Of This Frame was recorded and co-produced in collaboration with fellow artist and husband Bill Taylor-Beales in their South Wales based studio. The twelve tracks on the album traverse a lyrical blend of alt-folk-baroque-americana-blues and jazz infused melodies. Joined by Lucy Rivers on violin and additional vocals, Stacey Blythe on accordion, and guest appearances from Rachel and Bill’s daughter Polly, who adds spoken word elements on two tracks, while Rachel and Bill provide the rest of the musical accompaniments. From lyre-harp to kalimba, multiple guitars, to steel tongue drum, pianos, organs, banjos, bass, harmonicas, percussion and even a hint of soprano saxophone, Out Of This Frame weaves a dynamic tapestry of sound and stories.

Gig Theatre 

Stone's Throw

Lament Of The Selkie

Interweaving stories of trauma and triumph, through mesmerising songs, visual image and spoken word. Connecting ancient myth with modern mortals… walking the line where the ocean meets that land, to find a skin that fits.  

“Exceptional” Folk Radio UK

“Outstanding” BBC Radio Wales

“Musically exquisite and enthralling” BBC Radio 4

“Excellent and original”


Rachel Taylor-Beales is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, composer, theatre-maker, writer and socially engaged community arts practitioner. She has four solo albums under her belt and her 5th solo album will be released in November 2022. Rachel can also be found performing alongside Sir Silence under the moniker of Lady Hush. In her spare time, when she is not reading,  watching films,  drinking coffee (or gin, or brandy, or single malt), walking along the coastal path or listening to the likes of Cohen, Cave, Gillian Welch... she will most likely be painting portraits in her make shift kitchen art studio. Rachel spent the first 22 years of her life living between England and Australia but has spent the majority of years since, living in Wales and she currently lives in Carmarthenshire with her husband, her daughter, a dog, a cat, 8 fish, 3 shrimp and 2 water snails... 

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